Prospanica and the University of Denver Daniels College of Business Introduce the Prospanica Board Leadership Program

Fort Worth, TX (May 7, 2019) – Prospanica, the leading association of Hispanic professionals, partners with the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business to launch, the first of its kind, Prospanica Board Leadership Program (PBLP).

The PBLP provides Hispanic professionals the knowledge and skills required to be a more effective
professional, leader and future corporate board member. Divided into three phases, participants will
learn from a select group of esteemed University of Denver faculty members as they empower
professional growth through a series of online webinars and conferences.

“We are excited to partner with Executive Education at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of
Business to provide our members with a top-tier professional development experience,” said Thomas
Savino, CEO of Prospanica. “Prospanica is dedicated to providing our members with opportunities that
guide them to lead, both at their companies but, more importantly, as board members of national
nonprofits, and eventually corporations.”

Phase one of the PBLP kicks off with a two-day retreat at the University of Denver on June 13-14.
Participants will attend classes and lectures on social entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion, leading
for engagement, finance and budgeting and more.

Phase two takes place over the summer with a series of six, 90-minute webinars on creating boardroom
poise, action-oriented writing, succession planning, attracting and upholding talent and financial

To conclude the PBLP, phase three takes place during the Prospanica Conference & Career Expo, Oct. 30
– Nov. 1 in Orlando, FA. During the conference, participants will attend classes and lectures on topics
like power and influence, data-driven decision-making and executive skills. The PBLP will result in an
assessment-based Certificate of Board Leadership that codifies the depth of the learning experience.

To learn more about the PBLP and how Latinos can exercise their influence as current and future board
members, watch the webinar or download the informational document to share with your employer. Apply today! Prospanica will be accepting applications through May 24.

Not a member? It’s not too late to join this elite group of Hispanic professionals. Learn more about
Prospanica and member benefits by visiting the website.

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