Lights, Networking & Finance: My Conference Journey in Las Vegas!

November has arrived, and it’s getting chilly – an unfamiliar experience for me! In Lima – Peru, my hometown, the weather is usually pretty stable, not too hot or too cold, and we don’t see much rain. So, this winter is shaping up to be quite a change. Fun fact: Lima is the second-largest city in the world, after Cairo, located in the middle of a desert. And we’re considered a tropical country!

But beyond the change in seasons, the job market is also shifting. The recruitment season for 2024 leadership programs, rotational programs, MBA internships, and more is drawing to a close. We are gradually moving into the interview phase and the early stages of the hiring process. This is the time of year when we need to reach out to the network we’ve contacted in the first part of the year!

Prospanica Conference

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the Prospanica Conference, one of the largest business conferences for Hispanic/Latino professionals in the USA. Thanks to Giancarlo Soto, from Fisher Graduate Latino Association (FGLA), Minny Poon from Fisher International Graduate Student Association (FIGSA) and Twhila Holley, from Diversity and Inclusion Office (DEI), I got wind of this fantastic opportunity. Along with a group of second-year MBAs and MHRM students, I represented the Specialized Master in Finance (SMF) program and spent four days at the Horseshoe Las Vegas Hotel for this incredible event.

The conference kicked off on Tuesday, October 17, with talks, coffee chats, resume enhancing, and more. It wrapped up on Friday, October 20, with a gala dinner. While the entire event was extraordinary, if you’re short on time, I recommend making the most of the last two days. That’s when the Career Fair begins, and it’s your time to shine, connect with recruiters, hand out your resumes, and even be interviewed.I was fortunate to experience the interview booths, and it was incredible to chat one-on-one with hiring managers. Even if you don’t secure an interview on the spot (as you usually need to apply in advance for those), you can still leave your contact details. In the weeks following the event, you might receive emails for one-on-one calls with recruiters, which could be the opportunity that leads to a full-time offer. I highly recommend registering in the company talent pools!

Companies, Networking and Vegas!

The conference featured a wide array of companies, including Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies, as well as niche companies. From the Finance sector, such as S&P Global, Prudential Financial, and Wells Fargo, to the Healthcare sector with companies like Merck and McKesson, and even the Alcoholic Beverages sector, including Diageo and Constellation Brands, who were major sponsors of the event and brought a lot of energy to the conference. I connected well with all of them, and some recruiters even spoke Spanish with me, which was fantastic. They really appreciate my Data Analytics Skillset (Python, PBI, SQL) and my deep finance knowledge acquired in courses like Derivatives, Financial Modelling & Corporate Finance, thanks Fisher! Now, the next step is to apply for positions at each of these companies and, ideally, secure a full-time position in Finance.

The conference also featured universities like Cornell, Indiana State, and, of course, Ohio State! Part of my commitment at the conference was to be at the Ohio State booth to answer questions from prospective students!

Beyond all the networking and the incredible experience of being in Las Vegas and visiting places like The Sphere, Bellagio Hotel, and Caesars Palace, I also had the opportunity to strengthen bonds with amazing individuals such as Renan Vieira, Alejandro Acevedo, Juan Ezquerra, and Jimena Martinez. They are all second-year MBAs with a wealth of knowledge to share. Thanks guys!

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be sharing more content, tips, recommendations on places to explore in Columbus, my job-seeking process, case competitions, and much more. So, stay tuned!


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